Literacy Lessons

Professional Development for Teachers in Special Education Settings and for ESL Teachers

In keeping with Marie Clay’s desire to provide professional development to all teachers who are responsible for delivering literacy lessons to individual children, we offer a course of study for teachers working in special education settings with students beginning to read and write.

Year I

Teachers enroll in two 3-credit hour courses, one in Fall and one in Spring semester (for a total of six credit hours in year 1) and one course (1 credit hour) in Year Two. In Year One, teachers learn more about Reading Recovery-based instructional procedures and teach two Reading Recovery students. Year Two is a transitional year in which the teacher is guided by a teacher leader to design and deliver the instructional procedures to beginning readers in special education settings.

This program of professional development offers graduate study coursework in designing and delivering Literacy Lessons to individual students in special education settings who are beginning to read and write.

Upon completing the two year professional development model, teachers will be designated as Literacy Lessons Intervention Specialists (LLIS).

Professional development continues for as long as the teacher designs and delivers Literacy Lessons.

Year II and Beyond

  • Attendance Record at The Ohio State University
  • Instructional Record: The Ohio State University
  • Teaching Summary

For Further Information

Contact Mary Fried at or (614) 688-3081.