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External Evaluation of the i3 Scale-up of Reading Recovery: Year One Report, 2011-12

“The Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE) was contracted to conduct an independent evaluation of the i3 scale up of Reading Recovery over the course of five years. The evaluation includes parallel rigorous experimental and quasi-experimental designs for estimating program impacts, coupled with a large-scale mixed-methods study of program implementation under the i3 scale-up.”

“In order to estimate the impacts of the program, a sample of first graders who met the Reading Recovery target criteria for selection were randomly assigned to either receive Reading Recovery, or to continue receiving classroom instruction. The reading achievement of students in this sample was assessed using an externally standardized assessment of reading achievement - the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) - in order to determine the impact of Reading Recovery lessons on low-achieving students who were randomly assigned to receive the intervention.”

Source: Consortium for Policy Research in Education — Evaluation of the i3 Scale-up of Reading Recovery | Year One Report, 2011-12 (PDF)

Key findings from the first two years of this five-year evaluation include the following:

Impacts on Student Reading Performance:

Treatment students who participated in Reading Recovery outperformed students in the control group on each subscale of the ITBS Reading test: Total Reading, Reading Comprehension, and Reading Words with differences in percentile points ranging from +16 percentile points to +20 percentile points.
The estimated standardized effect of Reading Recovery on students’ ITBS Total Reading Scores was .68 standard deviations relative to the population of struggling readers eligible for Reading Recovery under the i3 scale-up, and .47 standard deviations relative to the nationwide population of all first graders. These standardized effect sizes are large relative to typical effect sizes found in educational evaluations.

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Reading Recovery
Administrators' Website

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Reading Recovery Works


Training Teachers in Reading Recovery: Facts and Funding

Training Teachers in Reading Recovery: Facts and Funding (PDF)

Meet Mary Bailey: Charles County District’s Teacher of the Year

Meet Mary Bailey: Charles County District’s Teacher of the Year.

CCBOE also honored Mary Bailey at an event where Mary received the keys to a new car from alocal dealership!

International Reading Recovery Trainers Organization (IRRTO)

The International Reading Recovery Trainers Organization (IRRTO) provides leadership for all entities affiliated with the Reading Recovery early literacy intervention founded by Dr. Marie M. Clay. These leaders are accredited Reading Recovery trainers who have responsibility for their specific Reading Recovery centers, situated either within universities or in professional education centers or education systems affiliated with universities. The trainers provide the support needed to establish and maintain the Reading Recovery trademark around the world.

Visit IRRTO online for more information.

"If literacy were a house we were building, Reading Recovery would be the foundation"

"When the previous Mansfield City Schools administration halted the Literacy Collaborative partnership with the Ohio State University in 2007, it also reduced the district's 21-year Reading Recovery relationship with Ashland University.

"Reading Recovery is on the rebound this year -- serving more students and training more teachers -- in what Superintendent Dan Freund has described as an essential supporting safety net to Literacy Collaborative.

"Freund was in the audience July 27 -- five days before he began his work as superintendent -- when the board of education approved a new Reading Recovery contract with AU. Asked his opinion before the vote, Freund said, 'If literacy were a house we were building, Reading Recovery would be the foundation. It is very important.' "

Larry Gibbs is a spokesman for Mansfield City Schools. He may be reached at lgibbs@

Click here to read the complete article in the Mansfield News Journal

Gay Su Pinnel and E Gordon Gee

Gay Su Pinnell and former OSU President E Gordon Gee at Reading Recovery's 25th Anniversary Celebration in 2010

About Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a research-based, short-term intervention of one-to-one teaching for the lowest-achieving first graders.

Reading Recovery students receive 30-minute lessons each school day for 12 to 20 weeks from a specially trained teacher.

As soon as students can read and write at grade level and demonstrate that they can continue to achieve, their lessons are discontinued and new students receive individual instruction.

Improving Literacy Achievement: Third Grade Guarantee, Common Core Standards, & Building Literacy Teams

Common Core presentation Link


Jeff Williams of Solon City Schools gave a presentation at a Profesional Day for Ohio Principals, Teachers and Literacy Teams sponsored by the Ohio Reading Recovery Council and The Ohio State University Reading Recovery University Training Center.

Click here for the slides of Jeff's presentation (PDF)

Now accepting applications for i3 Funding to train teachers in Reading Recovery

NEW: Deadline for i3 applications for teachers to train at OSU is July 14, 2013. This deadline applies only to teachers who will be earning credit from OSU.

Accepting applications for i3 Funding to train teachers in Reading Recovery


Click here for the i3 application

Obtaining i3 funding to train a teacher in Reading Recovery

Dr. Emily Rodgers, Associate Professor at The Ohio State University gave a webinar on Obtaining i3 funding to train a teacher in Reading Recovery on May 11, 2012:-

Click to open the Webinar presentation:

PDF | Powerpoint 2010

The New Face of Reading Recovery


Jodie Washek

Hi, I'm Jodie Washek and I am a primary literacy coordinator and Reading Recovery teacher. Before being trained in Reading Recovery, I worked with 25 students in small groups along with being a literacy coach. With the dual role I have now, I work with students and teachers in grades K-2 in many different aspects of the Literacy Collaborative framework. In Reading Recovery, which involves about half of my school day, I work with 8-10 students annually.


Sarah Hoepf

Hello, my name is Sarah Hoepf and I am a Literacy Collaborative Coordinator and Reading Recovery teacher. Before becoming a LC Coach I taught first grade and also a first/second combination. As a classroom teacher, I taught 26 students each year. In my current role, I coach 14 teachers (who teach a combined total of 314 students in our elementary school). We focus on using assessment data to plan instruction and meet individual students' learning needs. In Reading Recovery, I work with 8-12 first grade students each year. The classroom/ intervention/ coach connection helps us to work together for the success of all our children.

More teacher stories ...

Literacy Lessons: New Professional Development for Teachers in Special Education Settings and for ESL Teachers

We are pleased to offer a new course of study for teachers working in special education or ESL settings with students having difficulty learning to read and write.

Click here for more information about Literacy Lessons.

Comprehensive Early Literacy Professional Development

Teacher leaders provide comprehensive professional development to Reading Recovery teachers, Special Education teachers, ESL teachers, and Classroom teachers who need to provide intensified literacy instruction. For more information about the comprehensive professional development that teacher leaders can provide, click here (PDF).

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