Teacher Preparation


Reading Recovery is a professional development project with a two-tier level of curriculum: faculty in universities train and provide professional development to coaches called teacher leaders who work at the site level and provide professional development to Reading Recovery teacher.

Applying to be a Reading Recovery Teacher in Ohio

Teachers preparing to be Reading Recovery teachers enroll in six (6) semester hours (three hours each for fall and spring semesters), and are taught by teacher leaders. Following the initial year of training, teachers continue to participate in ongoing professional development sessions called continuing contact sessions. Continuing contact sessions provide collaborative opportunities for teachers to question the effectiveness of their instructional practices, to get help from peers on particularly hard-to-teach children, and to consider how new knowledge in the field may influence their field.

  • Reading Recovery Teacher Nomination Form (PDF)
  • Requirements and Costs for the Training of Reading Recovery Teachers in Ohio: Year 1 (PDF)

More Information

Contact a teacher leader at a teacher training site near you for more information.